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Seainggreen Productions, LLC aka Laurynn Evans - is your solution for stunning HD digital video featuring underwater environments and animals. Laurynn Evans (principal/owner) specializes in providing stock images for use in your project, serving as your underwater camera operator, or creating custom projects tailored to your specific needs. The Seainggreen stock image library features a diverse array of marine life, environments, and experiences. Laurynn lives in the greater Seattle area, and she has great travel flexibility to bring you world class images for your special project.

Satisfied clients include: National Geographic, NOAA, PBS Frontline, PBS affiliate stations in multiple states, Habitat Media Productions, “Off Limits” / The Travel Channel, Evening Magazine, WA Dept of Fisheries, NMFS, Alaska Fisheries, Global Underwater Explorers, and various documentary production companies around the globe. Footage from Seainggreen has been featured on numerous television stations across the United States. Seainggreen’s footage was also featured on NPR online and in Robert Krulwich's science blog.

Laurynn Evans is technical and cave trained, holding comprehensive diving credentials from an internationally recognized training agency. She is certified to dive full overhead environments (both cave and wreck diving), cold water environments, technical dive depths, and other challenging shoot conditions. If you dream it, Laurynn Evans and Seainggreen can make it come to life in stunning high definition video!

Special thanks to Scott Lundy for our beautiful logo, and thanks to Kathryn Arant andAdrian Collier Photographyfor their photos found throughout the Seainggreen webpage.

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